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Nomad 12 with built in IFB transmitter - Recorder/mixer.

Sound Devices 702 - For stereo ATMOS recording.


4 x Z TRXLA3.6 bodypack transmitters with built in timecode and recorder. Blocks 23-26.

1 x Zaxcom TRX743 plug on transmitter for shotgun or handheld microphones with built in timecode and recorder.

2 x Zaxcom QRX200 dual wideband receivers. Blocks 20-27.

2 x Lectrosonics SMQVs - Block 26

1 x Lectrosonics SRA Dual Receiver - Block 26


IFB/Camera Hop

3 x Zaxcom ERX3TCD IFB and Timecode Receivers. These can be used as IFB packs or mono camera hops with wireless timecode jamming.

1 x Lectrosonics SRA - Provides high quality 2 channel wireless audio to camera


Sennheiser MKH 806O shotgun microphone

Sennheiser MKH8050 shotgun microphone 

Sennheiser MD46 handheld microphone

Audio Technica BP4025 X/Y stereo microphone

Personal Microphones

3 x DPA 4063 Lavalier - Zaxcom

2 x Countryman B6 Lavalier - Zaxcom

2 x Sanken cos-11 - Lectrosonics

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Other Accessories

Various mic belts, chest straps, and all other necessary accessories.

Gear is also available to hire on request. Just contact me for prices.